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The single most important thing in life is to FEEL. Feel everything. I don´t mean being like a victim and thresh about things. Just feel LIFE. Life can be wonderful and beautiful. Life can sometimes be harsh and dark. The point here is to "go with the flow". It may sound like a cliche, but nevertheless it´s true. Everything is energy. Life is energy and energy doesn´t like to be stuck. By using our feelings we always do what´s best for us. And we don´t get emotional and physical blocks that otherwise would disturb and affect our health. We become strong and healthy.

Another aspect of using feelings is that sense of knowing. We all have that sense of knowing once in a while. We just know certain things. You may call it your intuition. It seems that our intuition have a direct connection to our best possible lifepath. A direct connection to our heart and soul. If we learn to listen to that inner voice, we can drastically improve our life in ALL areas.